Photography 70%
Illustrator 80%
Photoshop 90%
Graphics 70%

What Can I Do

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I’m Kenneth and I love photography. After finishing a degree in Multimedia Design in 2007, I developed a style of combining photography with drawings and paintings. This early training in an art and design led me to develop a distinctiveness to my work as a photographer and wedding photojournalist, and to create photographs for my clients that truly capture the emotion and drama of their day.

Your wedding is a special experience unique to you and my aim is to capture this and provide you with the most contemporary wedding photography available today. This means I work primarily with a ‘reportage’ approach in order to capture events as they unfold and every photo in your collection is carefully edited to create something truly special. I love to take lifestyle portraits which is about documenting real-life in a relaxed way and to make the experience of having your photo taken an enjoyable one. I have a unique style which is best described as fine art documentary photography as I endeavor to produce photographs that are not only beautiful and distinctive, but personal.

I thoroughly research the venues, location and shooting options and if you have ideas for shots I would love to hear about them. I’m always looking for that instant where I can freeze and then reveal those special moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. This could be a gust of wind suddenly animating a brides dress whilst walking, the sudden change of facial expression of a couple whilst in conversation, or the Groom, Best man and Ushers fooling around. For me, its all about capturing the flow of events in a captivating and natural way.

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